Race - A Motorsport Fiction Novel

Race is the first Motorsport Fiction novel created by Norfolk based author Jason Elding. With over 125,000 words and 230+ pages it tells a compelling tale of love, friendship and backroom dealings.

Liam Mason was once a young, aspiring Formula Premier driver. Considered by many to look set to become a future champion. But one race would change all of that.
Now faced with life changing injuries and a crippled career. Liam remains determined to not give up on his dream as he battles to overcome prejudice and exclusion to get himself back where he belongs - On the grid!

Based loosely on some events from within his own life as well as those throughout the real world of Motorsport. Jason Elding has written this story as a means to inspire anyone who feels that their disabilities may hinder them in some way. It is never too late to go and chase your dreams.

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